OUR School Policies

High Level of Educational Services

As a leading English education centre, we have policies that govern the operations of the school to ensure a high level of conduct and quality educational services.

  • Dispute Resolution / Grade Appeal Policy - We provide an opportunity for students to resolve disputes of a serious nature and grades appeals in a fair, reasonable and equitable manner. Read More
  • Sexual Misconduct Policy - There is zero tolerance of any form of sexual misconduct by students, faculty, guests on campus, residences, as well as off campus events and online spaces. Read More
  • Tuition Refund
    - If you are planning to withdraw from a course, you may be eligible for a tuition refund. Learn more about our tuition refund policy. Read More
  • Withdrawal
    - If a student decides to withdraw from a program, he/she must provide a dated, written, notice of withdrawal to the School Director. Learn more. Read More
  • Dismissal
    - While attending Advantage School E/J, it may become necessary to dismiss a student from a Program or Course under certain circumstances. Read More
  • Admission
    - Before admission to the school can be granted, students must meet certain requirements. Learn more. Read More
  • Safety
    - In the event of a fire or earthquake emergency, the Administrator (or person in charge) will dial 911 and advise the fire department of the location of the school. Read More
  • Attendance
    - At Advantage School E/J, we have an attendance policy that makes students, parents and staff more responsible around student attendance. Read More
  • Work Experience
    - The work experience is a requirement where the student obtains practical skills relevant to the learning objectives of the Work & Study program. Read More