In the event of a fire or earthquake emergency, the Administrator (or person in charge) will dial 911 and advise the fire department of the location of the school.


The Administrator (or person in charge) will immediately notify all students and staff to leave the building in an orderly fashion as follows:

  1. Leave the fire area. Close all doors behind you.
  2. Pull the nearest alarm. 2nd Floor near elevator wall.
  3. Follow the designated evacuation route to the nearest EXIT sign. DO NOT use the elevator.
  4. Proceed immediately to the designated meeting area, ‘The Village 8 Cinema’, in front of the school.
  5. Students are to check in with their teacher or other staff.
  6. Never return to the evacuated building without proper authorization.


  1. In the event of an earthquake emergency, all staff and students will take cover and remain under cover until the shaking stops.  
  2. The administrator will advise all employee to evacuate the campus. Instructors will escort their students to the front of ‘The Village 8 Cinema’ ensuring that he or she takes the class list with them.
  3. At ‘Village 8 Cinema’ the Instructor will check the students present against the list of students in attendance that day and will immediately advise the Administrator if anyone is missing.

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