Work Experience

The work experience is a require part of the Advantage Tourism and Hospitality Program in which the student obtains practical skills relevant to the learning objectives of the program.

The requirement for participation in the work experience are as follows: – Completion of 10 courses(or blocks) in the Advantage Tourism and  Hospitality Program.

The process by which the student will be placed in a work experience is as follows:

  • Students will take the in-class portion of the course(6 months) which covers topics such as career exploration, resume writing, interviewing skills, and professional etiquette in the workplace. This builds their professional skills in preparation for co-op. During this time, students will begin working with their co-op coordinator meeting individually with him/her to review what type of job they are interested in.
  • In partnership with the school , the student will review appropriate positions and apply for jobs that are of interest to the student and for which the student is qualified. Students area encouraged to apply for a variety of positions.
  • The employers review resumes and select students for interviews, interviews will be conducted and the employer will make the final decision.
  • In the existing work environment of Whistler,  there are many more jobs available than people to fill them, so it is unlikely that students would not be hired in this initial round of job placement. However, in the event that a student is not offered a position immediately, the school staff will have a database of employers who are looking for help, and the students will ailability to choose from hotel, restaurant, retail, spa, and also adventure and leisure contractors. In the case of any student who is not provided with a work placement, he/she may be eligible for a full refund of tuition paid for the program. Refer to PTIB Regulation.s41(6)(e)and s.30(3)(c).

Advantage English School E/J, the student and the host organization, will enter into a written agreement detailing each party’s responsibilities and the activities the student will undertake during the work experience. a  copy of the agreement will be provided to the student before the start   date of the work experience.

The process by which the student will be evaluated in relation to the work experience component is follows:

  • Advantage English School E/J works with work experience placement hosts to evaluate the student’s performance during a work experience placement.
  • The instructor meets with the training place host and the students to conduct an assessment of the student’s performance throughout the work experience placement.
  • The assessments is designed to include the student’s performance at the work site of the skills learned during the completion of the program of study.
  • The completed assessment is signed by the instructor, the training place host and the student.
  • A copy of the assessment is given to the training place host and the students. The original assessment is placed in the student’s file.
  • The student will be provided with at least one written evaluation in relation to the work experience component.

Advantage English School E/J will monitor the student during the work experience by reviewing:

  • Each week, whether the student is attending the work experience; and
  • Each week, whether the student is meeting the learning objectives of the Advantage Work and Study(Tourism and Hospitality) Program.

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